A Resurrection Day poem

Life eternal and all that is

Housed beyond Heaven’s gates of bliss

Reminds us not of ways of old,

For Heaven’s streets are paved with gold.

But what have men a mind to think

Of spoken Word and printed ink?

We believe blindly or mock and scorn

And with tests of faith we doubt and mourn.

Our deepest fears darken our minds and cloud the soul,

Spreading fractures through our hearts which once were whole.

Love, life’s blood once coursing through our veins

Curdles and calcifies in response to our broken heart’s pains.

With mindly madness we concoct and scheme,

Trying to extract sense and meaning from this our dream.

But we try in vain, if we try at all.

Man has never redeemed himself from Adam’s fall.

In dust we came and in dust we die,

‘Til dust we pluck from our own eye.

But, as dust your dust you cannot see,

‘Til the Son above sheds light on thee.

Your glass house prison as a prism must shine,

Reflecting out all the inner self that is Thine.

Only once revealed can the man inside be free,

And cast off the chains of pride’s captivity.

Acceptance is the first step in admitting that we’re wrong,

Then repentance for our misstep. In our weakness Christ is strong.

Christ, the Good-shepherd in a parable once said,

He’d leave the 90 and 9 for a lamb near dead.

If our children wanted bread, would we give them a stone?

And if they needed love would we leave them alone?

The same goes for God, Who stands by your side.

To post the bail you couldn’t pay, that is why He died.

Salvation is by faith alone, so none could boast,

“I raised my bail, I paid my post!”

Can the broken pot say to its maker, “You made me not, I’ll fix myself”?

Or the vessel made for honor say, “No thanks, I prefer the shelf”?

But, this is what we do

When we deny the One Who

Made us for His pleasure

And promises blessings beyond measure.

Let’s define what it means to be

A man apart, a man set free:

A conscience clean and a future sure,

Past wrongs forgotten, remembered no more,

Hardened hearts become soft and then,

Discarded dreams become alive again.

What once was lost now is found!

The man inside is no longer bound.

Christ’s substitution is your solution!

His persecution purchased your restitution.

The cross is bare, the tomb is empty!

Christ’s arms are open and His mercies are plenty.

Thanks be to God, Heavens gates are open wide!

He’ll calm the storm and turn the tide.

A spring of living water will lap at your shore

And will replenish your life from now ‘till ever more.

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